6play choose Synchronized's 'Smart Thumbnail' AI-based service to fast-track promotional content creation
March 19, 2021

6play choose Synchronized’s ‘Smart Thumbnail’ AI-based service to fast-track promotional content creation.

March, 18th 2021, Synchronized, the European-based ‘Smart Video’ technology company, announced today that their ‘Smart-Thumbnails‘ solution has been chosen by M6 Group to fast- track promotional content creation for its AVOD platform 6play.

‘Smart-Thumbnails’ is one of the services of Synchronized’s Smart Video Platform – an AI/ machine-learning turnkey solution for media content intelligence.

Video-on-demand services need still images called ‘thumbnails’ for on-platform promotion of their programming and content. The selection of these images are as critical as product images on e- commerce sites and great care is taken to selecting the ideal picture from thousands of others.
It must be the representative of the content and context of the video and ensure continuity of the aesthetic of the editorial line and the overall image of the platform.

Due to the ever-increasing size of the 6play catalog, manual delivery of this editorial task is no longer scalable.

Synchronized’s Smart-Thumbnails service fully automates the process of image selection, editing and publishing thumbnail images via metadata enrichment whilst also allowing editorial teams complete and precise control over the editorial rules governing the aesthetic of the content and OTT platform. The service delivers significant gains in productivity, saving our clients time and money whilst improving the final quality of image selection.

“With Synchronized Smart-Thumbnails, TV broadcasters, IPTV and OTT Services now can save hundreds of hours of manual labour every month with significant gains in quality. This is a game changer” said Guillaume Doret CEO of Synchronized.

About Synchronized
Synchronized transforms linear video into ‘Smart-Video’ making video as flexible and powerful as hypertext. Synchronized’s Smart-Video platform – a machine learning turnkey solution for media intelligence allow broadcasters, IPTV, and OTT Platforms to benefit from a central hub for all in- video auto-generated time-coded metadata, objects and assets. This allows clients to automate workflow from linear-TV to digital offers, deliver rich & personalised end user-experiences and fast-track promotional content creation as well as benefiting from an unprecedented level of granular data around their video content.

Synchronized is one of the first AWS Partners to achieve AWS Machine Learning Competency status in Applied AI. AWS Partners are vetted and validated against a high bar to achieve the AWS Competency designation, giving customers’ confidence in choosing validated AWS Partners to team up with.